Hydraulic cartridge valves

Hydraulic cartridges are manual or hydraulic operated valves in which the mobile components are installed inside a
threaded body to be mounted inside a pre-defined cavity.


Pressure Control Valves

Cartridges limit or reduce working pressure inside an hydraulic circuit.
In this chapter there are also pressure relief cartridges, with stronger
seats for heavy duty applications and/or lifting machines.


Counterbalance Valves

Counterbalance valves are auxiliary valves, to be installed directly on
hydraulic actuators (cylinders and hydraulic motor). Thanks to their
configuration, these valves hold the loads, and are able to limit
maximum pressure inside hydraulic actuators and regulate lowering speed
according to the flows coming out of directional control valves.


Directional Control Valves

In this chapter there are many types of valves: unidirectional valves,
pilot operated check valves, spool type directional valves both manual
and hydraulic operated. Selector valves are designed to manage pilot
signals and/or Load-Sensing signal of directional control valves and
integrated circuits.


Flow Control Valves

These cartridges control flow: for instance, adjustable restrictors,
compensated flow regulators and pressure compensators which allow to
obtain flow regulation inside integrated circuits.

Electric cartridge valves

Electric cartridge valves are electric-hydraulic actuated valves in which the moving components
are installed inside a threaded body, to be mounted inside a pre-defined cavity. NEM-HYDRAULICS
design the electric-mechanic components, granting its products the best performances.


ON-OFF Directional valves

They are all electric cartridges which must open and close hydraulic
connections. In particular, their main characteristic is the type of
change over, which does not allow to regulate the intermediate position
of the inner components. There are 2 different types of on-off
directional valves: 2, 3, 4 way direct acting or 2 way piloted operated.

Einschraubpatrone Proportional

Proportional Valves

Electric proportional valves regulate passing sections, pressures or
flows in proportion to a current value PWM sent out to a coil. Inside this
chapter there are 2, 3, 4 way directional valves, pressure control valves
and flow regulators.

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